Transforming decks across Canada one stone at a time

BBQ and Fire Bowls


You can build a BBQ or Fire Bowl deck pad with a brick or stone paver surface like the one featured in this photo. It may sound impossible to put pavers on a deck, but Silca System has created an innovative deck sub-floor that makes it possible! With Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grates, you can install a variety of stone or brick pavers on your deck for a low-maintenance, super-sturdy deck surface.  With Silca System you will be able to enjoy your BBQ or Fire Bowl right on your deck without worrying about damaging your deck boards.



Fire Places


Over the years, manufacturers have introduced a wide variety of outdoor furnishings and decking alternatives, allowing homeowners to transform their backyards into outdoor living rooms. Decks and patios are no longer plain, wooden platforms on which to set up chairs and tables. Instead, they are often cozy, fully-furnished spaces where homeowners can enjoy spending time with friends and family. Today’s homeowners have more options than ever before, especially when building a deck with Silca System.

By utilizing the strong, durable Silca System deck subfloor, homeowners are able to create more dynamic decks than ever, such as outdoor fireplaces built on stone decking aprons.


Hot Tubs

1159501107Hot tub sunken in patioTraditional Hot Tub placement, when incorporated with a stone deck, would be off to the side. Your deck would end and the hot tub would be sitting on its own pad beside the deck.  In the past, in order to incorporate a hot tub into a stone deck, it would involve manufacturing a concrete box to surround the hot tub, ensuring there is a drainage system within the box, and then having a wood or composite board perimeter surrounding the hot tub to allow for servicing access.

With Silca System you can place your hot tub where you like, build your deck around it and clad your entire deck with beautiful maintenance free stone, right to the edges of the hot tub.  Endless possibilities only limited by your imagination.


Roof Tops


The fact is, you can use Silca System’s subfloor for a rooftop deck like Vida Fitness U Street did in Washington, D.C. Imagine being able to boast your hotel or spa’s brand new rooftop pool and pool deck in the fiercely competitive hospitality or wellness markets. It’s not just a dream! Silca System can help you make it a reality.

You can create a beautiful poolside path of pavers and even have “grass” surrounding your pool by laying turf on your Silca System grids. Silca System’s strength and durability means you can place lounge chairs, cabanas, and more on the turf without worrying about the grids buckling under pressure.

However, you don’t need to have a rooftop pool to transform your barren rooftop into a private getaway or the perfect place to entertain guests. Hotels, fitness centers, apartment buildings, and even offices can turn unused rooftop space into an oasis retreat where residents, employees, and visitors can escape from the daily grind. Even the level roof on a residential home can be transformed.

Not so long ago the idea of a rooftop deck was considered fanciful. Today, not only is it a very real possibility, but it’s not the overwhelming undertaking you might imagine. Even the intrepid do-it-yourselfer can use Silca System to create a rooftop deck.

Rooftop gardens are popping up in cities across Canada as people seek to bring a little more green to their overwhelmingly concrete surroundings. While you may not be able to plant in turf, a Silca System rooftop deck or patio creates an area to relax and enjoy the peace of your surroundings—a gorgeous cityscape view.

Septic Systems


Your home has a septic system with tanks located in the back and you have been told it is impossible to have a stone deck installed.  That may be the case with traditional interlock, which  involving excavating and compacting a base - however thanks to Silca System you can have a completely stone covered deck right over your tanks.  Simply frame the base allowing for an access to the tanks, cover the frame with Silca System, and completely cover the deck with stone.

When its time to service the tanks, remove the small amount of stones over the area. Lift out the Silca System door/cover and you will have full access to your tanks.  Silca System allows you to put stone decks where you never thought possible before.




The sky is literally the limit with Silca System - the uses don't stop with ground level applications. Silca Grates can be used to turn your second story balcony into a maintenance free, beautiful outdoor living space as well.

Simply insert the grates into the framing system and cover with stone, and you can enjoy the same benefits of a stone deck in a raised application. The possibilities are endless to allow your project to reach new heights.



Above Ground Pools


Above ground pools offer a cost effective way to enjoy a pool experience. The only downside is the fact they are on a grade involving either a ladder or set system to enter and exit the pool. Most above ground pool owners opt to install a wood or composite deck surrounding their pool, offering easier access and increased living space around the pool itself. With this comes regular maintenance and repairs as does with any traditional wood deck.

Silca System will allow you to forget the regular maintenance and spend more time with your family enjoying your pool.



 Is Silca System right for you?


For those who think, “I have no use for a pool deck and no place to put a balcony; Silca System must not be for everyone after all.” you are so wrong. There are many other application options with Silca System. For example, do you have a green thumb? Have you ever thought about turning your backyard into your very own enchanted garden? Silca System’s subfloor enables you to build a garden oasis, complete with a low maintenance brick or stone garden path, bridge, and/or a gazebo with a fireplace!

Maybe it sounds expensive and impossible. It’s not! Silca Grates are reasonably priced, and customer service representatives will work with you to find the best shipment method. As for impossible, Silca System does not accept the idea of an “impossible” deck design. Silca Grates provides a sturdy, weatherproof subfloor to keep your garden path level and creates the perfect surface on which to place your choice of stone or brick pavers. Your pavers will last for years—with little to no maintenance required because they are not laying directly in the ground!

Silca Grate is easy to cut and shape, so feel free to add as many turns and curves as you want to your stone garden path. As you design your path, consider adding a brige that leads to your gorgeous gazebo with a fireplace! You can tie everything together by using the same brick or stone pavers for your path and gazebo floor or give the gazebo floor a brand new look. Either way, you will be able to safely add a gazebo fireplace to your garden getaway without ever worrying about a wood plank floor catching fire!

With pavers and Silca Grate for your garden path, your choices are nearly endless. You can choose to mimic the natural look of river stones or create an intricate pattern. Whether your pavers are square, hexagonal, or seemingly random pieces that fit together like a puzzle, your ability to express your own style and preferences is limited only by your imagination!