Ground Reinforcement With Silca Soil Grid

The Silca Soil Grid is the newest product from StoneDeks System. It is 100% environmentally friendly, versatile, and perfect for in-ground installation of porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, brick, or natural stone. It allows you to build stronger hardscapes by stabilizing base materials and eliminating the disruption caused by heaving and settling pavers.

The new Silca Soil Grid system allows quick ground reinforcement with modern paver design in a fully permeable manner. This system is perfect for parking, concrete replacement, accessible areas, driveways and paths.

Silca Soil Grid

What Do Silca Soil Grids Do?

The Silca Soil Grid system cuts excavation in half as it reinforces the grounds surface without sealing it. It can be installed with different fill materials and it allows total design freedom for landscaping.

Because the ground is paved or compacted in metropolitan and industrial areas, it loses the ability to store or “buffer” rain water which can over-burden stormwater infrastructure and lead to flooding. The Silca Soil Grid system’s permeability avoids costly stormwater retention ponds, and other drainage and infrastructure problems.

Benefits of the Silca Soil Grid

  • Easy and quick installation (up to 100 m²| 1,076 ft²/h per person)
  • Excellent surface weight distribution
  • High resilience (up to 800 t/m²)
  • Low maintenance
  • No edging needed
  • Permeable ground reinforcement
  • Low handling costs
  • Weather-proof and unbreakable
  • Safety interlocking, 36 notches per m²
  • UV-resistant and frostproof
  • 20 years warranty

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