Simple Installation – Whether you are a professional or home owner no special training is required, as the deck system only assembles one way.
Freedom – Save hundreds of dollars and hours of your time not having to maintain a wood deck.
Affordable Luxury – A PAVERDECK structure is comparable in cost to a composite or RUBAROC deck.
Unlimited Design Options – Design your space the way you want – any shape or configuration.
Heated Decks – Incorporate electric or hydronic snow melt or in-floor heating system.

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A PAVERDECK patio deck can be installed on deck pads or with frost footings. Unlike a traditional patio, a Paverdeck patio resists heaving and movement of pavers. There are many designs using a variety of landscaping stone and concrete products, including: interlocking pavers, slabs, caps, steps, edges, and more. Create your own outdoor oasis with beautiful landscaping, patio designs and products, and add a touch of elegance and value to your home and backyard.

standard level paverdeck

A PAVERDECK standard level deck can be installed on deck pads or with frost footings. The deck can be installed on a ledger attached to your home, or can be free floating. There is an endless assortment of beautiful concrete and natural stone slabs suitable for any PAVERDECK outdoor space, including pavers that look like wood decking and other natural materials. Stone makes a lasting impression and adds value to your home. There is sure to be a design and style that matches your vision!

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Elevated decks is where PAVERDECK provides a fantastic option. Unlike a traditional deck, the Paverdeck structure can span 12-feet from the house to the first beam, providing an unobstructed space beneath. Add this to the 39-inch cantilever capability, and you can have a 14-ft elevated deck with only one supporting beam. PAVERDECK allows for new options, including in-floor heating for snow-melt or heated sunroom additions. Paverdeck can also support hot tubs and built-in stone kitchens.

Unlimited Design Elegance With New Surface Options

Design your space the way you want. PAVERDECK can be cut and shaped into any configuration and can accomodate any finish in any pattern with traditonal or new materials. Create a look to suit your preference for design or budget – choices can range from natural wood or stone, concrete pavers, capped plastic decking, porcelain or stone tile, poured or stamped concrete. The surface materials can be mix and match to create unique customized patterns.

If you’re interested in a wood look, there are even new porcelain tiles and concrete pavers that emulate a wood look. Most pavers come with a lifetime warranty, and because they are modular they’re easy to install and fix, even for DIYers. Pavers come in a range of pricing to suit any budget, with some slabs less expensive than cedar or pressure treated decking. For a complete look, use pavers to coordinate your deck with other hardscapes such as walkways and driveways.

Commercial Applications

PAVERDECK is rated for commercial loading and can be used for ramps, roof terraces, open patios, and permeable storm water decks.

paverdeck with stairs
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PAVERDECK Components

steel life cycle

Environmentally Friendly

PAVERDECK is sustainable and will not compromise future generations. Customers can be confident their choice in PAVERDECK will provide future generations choices as well.

Steel is the most recycled material in the world, more than all other materials combined.
PAVERDECK structures are made from 95% recycled steel.
With no required maintenance, the PAVERDECK structure does not rely on chemicals or cleaners, and has a zero-carbon footprint during its use.

PAVERDECK materials will never see a landfill or incinerator. Steel can be recycled back to steel and stone can be crushed for aggregate.

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