Kronos Porcelain Pavers & Tiles

Kronos tiles are produced following a specific process that allows the addition of recycled content to the layer body of the tiles. This makes it possible for Kronos to use pre-and-post consumer waste to create a body layer and thus a tile of high quality. Depending on the product, Kronos tiles and slabs, consists of 60% to 70% recycled material.

kronos pool deck

The benefits of Kronos Porcelain Pavers:

  • Lighter and Easier to Handle Than Concrete Blocks
  • Easy to Install
  • Superior Fire Resistance and Durability to Wood Tiles
  • Easy to Clean Stain, Chemical
  • Salt Resistant
  • Superior in Strength
  • Better Impact Resistance Than Ceramic Tiles
  • Supports Over 2000lbs
  • Fade Resistant
  • More Cost Effective Than Grating or Grid Structures for Elevated Paving Installations
  • Slip Resistant and Quick Draining
  • Resistant to Damage by Frost, Snow, Ice and Heat (-40°f – 210°f)
  • Virtually No Maintenance

Kronos has developed specific installation systems for its Porcelain Pavers without using cement, glues, mortar or setting materials on floors and walls. The elimination of setting materials allows significant cost and time savings. Since there is no time spent curing and setting, job sites are immediately available after Kronos Porcelain Pavers are dry installed.

Kronos Porcelain Pavers dry installation also significantly reduces the creation of dust and pollutants in the environment.

Kronos philosophy is to minimize the environmental impact in remodeling and new construction projects by:

  • Reducing or fully eliminating the use of adhesives and setting materials;
  • Reducing or fully eliminating the use of water;
  • Reducing or fully eliminating any waste resulting from the production cycle.

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