Transforming decks across Canada one stone at a time

Understanding the basic role wood will play in your stone deck

Before you learn of the many advantages of stone decks over wood or composite, it is important to understand the role that wood will play in your stone deck building requirements. 

We all strive to make our homes look their best and our outdoor living spaces are no exception. A well designed and placed deck is an extension of our home, and offers us the ability to enjoy the outdoors. We often find ourselves searching for the most convenient and maintenance free solutions to our home improvement projects. 

You will find most decks will be elevated and attached to the home giving direct access to the outside. Using a wood structure in these cases has some definite advantages over the traditional stone decks, which requires a substantial stone base.  When building so close to a home one must consider several possible factors,  which may make framing the structure with wood a more practical and economical solution.  And as an added advantage, if you have an existing wood framed deck, then you are already half way there!

  • Any utility lines (water or power)
  • Access to septic tanks
  • Large natural or man made obstacles (tress, large rocks or hot tubs)
  • Soil compaction adjacent to the home