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Lapointe Landscaping Inc.

Serving Prescott-Russel area

Amazing job by Lapointe Landscaping using the Paverdeck System to create this large maintenance-free stone deck.

This project required 8 ft wide steps and over 40 linear ft of ramp at an elevation of over 5 ft. Just imagine the amount of fill that would have been required for this project and the problematic issues of settling material over time. The Paverdeck System offers a 30-year warranty, ensuring your project will be problem-free and not move.

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Rock Point Landscapes

Serving Kingston, Napanee, & the 1000 Islands

Rock Point Landscapes knocked it out of the park with this huge SilcaGrate Stone Deck project at this gorgeous residential cottage property in the 1000 Islands.

Over a thousand square feet of SilcaGrate, Techo-Bloc Borealis slabs, wall and steps used to create this giant maintenance-free deck. Thanks to the SilcaGrate System, Rock Point Landscapes did not have to worry about hauling away the fill and bringing in large amounts of granular by barge. This saved considerable time and money. Shout out to Rock Point Landscapes for this amazing job!

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Paysagiste Charette

Serving Gatineau

The topography of the site required the deck transcend from street level to the doorway. The customer wanted to update the look using a maintenance-free material. SilcaGrate allowed for the transformation into a beautiful stone deck.

Contact Information

1-819-213-0564  |  info@paysagistecharette.com

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Red Isle Contracting Ltd.

Serving Edmonton

The client wanted stone steps with a free flowing transition into paving stones on the ground. Expocrete stones were used in conjunction with Silca system for the steps and path, then a non grooved Trex board was installed over the fascia creating a nice border. This was our first install using Silca system; we were very pleased with the results and more importantly, so was the customer.

Contact Information

1-780-628-2825  |  info@redisledecks.com

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Brule Enterprises Ltd.

Serving the Ottawa Area

This customer wanted to take full advantage of their gorgeous backyard without interfering with the drainage culvert running along the back of the property line.

This home had limited access to the backyard; completing this project with SilcaGrates enabled us to transport all necessary materials without difficulty. The customer’s hopes of expanding the hardscaping over the entire property were fulfilled, thus allowing full use of the area around the pool.

Contact Information

1-613-563-4884  |  mike@brule-enterprises.com

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Buist Landscaping Inc.

Servicing Hamilton, Burlington & Oakville

This customer was looking to elevate the look of their backyard by creating an inviting living space, while also getting waterproof storage below the deck.

They are in a mature subdivision and their property is surrounded by fences and landscaping, leaving limited access for equipment. This customer had some concerns about how the work was going to get completed. However, by using Paverdeck we limited the need for conventional equipment to complete the job and allowed us to easily bring the necessary product to the backyard. This multi-level first mortared flagstone Paverdeck provided the customer with the desired waterproof storage, by adding skirting around the entirety of the deck.

Our customer was very pleased with the overall results and happy there was limited damage to the surrounding property.

Contact Information

1-289-681-0676  |  sales@buistlandscaping.com

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Precision Deck and Fence

Servicing Grey & Bruce Counties

This customer had a pressure-treated wood deck they were looking to renovate. While exploring options they came across Stone Deck Innovations and found a perfect solution. The fear of moss or mold returning was a primary reason they chose SilcaGrate over composite decking. With stone on the deck, we could guarantee better results, with less maintenance.

The customer’s yard was fully landscaped, had a septic tank under the deck and the cottage had been built lower than the existing landscaping around it, so bringing in large equipment or using conventional systems was not possible. The SilcaGrates made this transformation possible and allowed us to cover the septic tank, while still providing the customer access when needed.

Our client was very pleased with the results! They have another deck on the other side of the cottage which now will also be upgraded to match after seeing the great results of the stone with SilcaGrate.

Contact Information

1-519-377-8130  |  bnrred@gmail.com

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