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Raised-floor technology has been used for centuries, with several examples dating to Etruscan and Roman civilizations.,

Today, raised floors provide effective, versatile and immediately appreciable benefits, including easy management of cables, ducts, pipes and equipment. They also allow for quick inspection of the waterproofing, and effective drainage of rain waters.

For over 60 years, Eterno Ivica has been working in the field of private, industrial building and architecture, distinguished by their high degree of quality and innovation.

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The installation of Eterno Ivica Pedestals and Deck Supports is extremely easy and requires few steps. The supports are designed to be simply laid over the waterproof membrane or other surface to be paved. The supports and accessories are adjustable, allowing for fast and easy compensation on small slopes or uneven ground.

The Benefits of Eterno Ivica system supported Raised Decks:

  1. Excellent hiding place for pipes and systems.
  2. Significant weight reduction.
  3. Excellent absorption of expansions.
  4. Floor always leveled.
  5. Speed of installation.
  6. Rapid water outflow.
  7. Cleanliness.
  8. High weight resistance.
  9. Better sound insulation.
  10. Better thermal insulation.
eternoivica benefits

SE Eterno Support

The Eterno “SE” adjustable support with tilting head is a raised flooring product that combines strong technical features and aesthetics with maximum ease of installation.


  • Self-leveling head that automatically compensates slopes up to 5%
  • Head with top in soft non-slip and anti-noise rubber
  • Tabs easy to remove
  • Adjustable height from 28 to 550 mm once 
pavement is finished 
thanks to exclusive adjusting key
  • 320 cm2 smooth base support
  • Resistant to temperatures 
between -40° to 120°C
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays 
and wear and tear
  • Suitable to any self-supporting outdoor 
paving system
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Test of tensile strength certified

NM New Maxi Support

Boasting a wide range of features that render it perfect for any number of raised flooring applications, the New Maxi Support features above average tensile strength and extreme reliability.


  • Head with upper part in noise-reducing anti-slip rubber
  • Easily removable tabs
  • Precision adjustment from 25 mm
  • Possibility of adjusting the height once the floor has been finished, thanks to the exclusive adjustment key
  • Smooth support base of 320 cm2
  • Utilization of Twist slope compensator TW 110 · Resistant to temperatures ranging from -40
  • °C to +120°C
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays and wear and tear
  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Test for tensile strength certified

SB Basic Support

The Basic Support is a versatile blend of technology and simplicity, allowing for support of heavy tensile forces while retaining the ability to minutely adjust to achieve perfect leveling of the flooring.


  • Accurate adjustment from 27mm
  • Possibility of adjusting the height by acting directly on the base
  • Smooth base of 320 cm2
  • Resistant to weathering, acids, UV rays and wear and tear. Resistant to temperatures
  • ranging from -40 °C to +120°C
  • Fully recyclable
  • Can be used in conjunction with any outdoor flooring
  • Test of tensile strength certified
  • Utilization of Twist slope compensator TW 110

ST Adjustable Support Star.T

Star.T is a thin, adaptable outdoor flooring support. It is always adjustable and the only support adaptable to any kind of tiles.

Whether you’re doing it by yourself or hiring contractors, StarT. is easy to install,and guaranteed by Eterno Ivica.


  • The lowest adjustable in the world!
  • High Technicality
 Easily removable tabs
  • Possibility of raising 8 mm with one of the components + 5mm by adding one Extension Star.T
  • Accurate adjustment from 10 to 30 mm
  • Adjustment key
  • Utilization of Twist slope compensator TW 150

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