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Stone Deck Innovations is proud to be one of the Canadian suppliers. Bison pedestals have a broad footprint that provides stability, is impervious to freeze thaw cycles, and offers a range of heights suited to almost any application. Precise spacer tabs allow for deck drainage, simple accessories adjust for slope, and the screw-to-adjust height setting assures a perfectly straight and level deck. Bison products are made in the USA.

Bison weatherproof deck pedestals with patented features allow quick installation along sloped surfaces. Bison Versadjust Deck Pedestals, Bison Level.It Deck Pedestals, Bison ScrewJack Deck Pedestals, Bison Low Height Deck Pedestals and Bison Joist Top Deck Pedestals are all low-maintenance and manufactured to perform in conjunction with Bison wood deck tiles or porcelain tiles. Integrated Bison Aluminum Planters enhance the beauty and value of your property and create a modern look.

bison deck with railing


Height Range: 1/8″ – 36″
Maximum Load: 1,250 pounds/pedestal (FoS:3)

Loaded with features for superior functionality Bison’s Versadjust Adjustable Deck Supports are easy to install. With an adjustable height from 2 ¼ to 36 inches, Versadjust deck pedestals provide the widest height range for any installation and are durable enough for concrete pavers and Ipe Brazilian hardwood alike without damaging the underlying roof surface. The deck supports have built-in slope base compensation, allowing water to drain and simple, tool-free adjustment for height and slope.


Height Range: 1/8″ – 12″
Maximum Load: 750 pounds/pedestal (FoS:3)

Bison™ Level.It© adjustable deck supports are the simple solution to your decking needs! Use on rooftops, balconies, over cracked concrete patios, even on-grade! Works with any surface material, from wood tiles, traditional stringer and plank decks, natural stone, composites or concrete. With Level.It, if you can dream it, you can do it! One simple Level.It model LC covers heights from 2″ – 4 ¾”. Additional accessories are available to compensate for slope and accomodate heights from 1/8″ up to 12″! Model LC supports up to 750 lbs. with FS (Factor of Safety) of 3. Ideal for contractors or the do-it-yourself homeowner.


Height Range: 1/8″ – 3″
Maximum Load: Heavy-Duty 1,250 pounds/pedestal (FoS:3)

Ultilize Bison Ultra Low Pedestal Systems for low height support. Heavy duty 1250 lbs pedestal weight baring capacity. Mix and match pedestals for the height you need. Stackable pedestals available.


Roof tops: Two basic types of roof systems are commonly found in the US and Canada for retrofit and new roofing. Roofsystems that specify insulation below the waterproofing layer, and roof systems that have extruded insulation above the waterproofing membrane.

Roof Type 1 – Common Insulation installed below Roof Membrane: Currently the most typical and common roofing systems specify roofing membranes be installed over common rigidinsulation boards that are typically manufactured from poly-isocyanurate, perlite, or wood fiber-board materials. These typical systems incorporate 20 psi density insulations that need additional support to create an adequate bearing surface. That is typically accomplished in one of three ways:

  • Incorporate one of the thin Cap Bearing Protective Layer Insulation specifications that call for a very thinprotective layer to be installed on top of the common 20 psi insulation. Such a cap type insulation product is commonly formed as a thin dense low-foamed isocyanurate layer, and provides the necessary pedestal support.
  • Bison Model FIB Pedestal Base: Install an enlarged base that supports the pedestal to distribute the anticipated loaded weight of a pedestal over an enlarged area. Bison manufacturers the Floating Insulation Base (Model FIB) for this purpose. Model FIB is specifically designed to be directly installed over Type 1 roof systems that incorporate 20 psi common insulation boards.
  • Insulation above the Membrane: Install a 1.5” thick (min.) layer of dense, closed cell 40 psi (min.) extruded cell poly-styrene insulation board above the common roofing system that has buried insulation to provide support for the pedestal system.

Roof Type 2 – Closed Cell Insulation Protecting Roof Membrane Systems: Inverted Roof Membrane Systems that incorporate 40 + psi density closed cell extruded poly-styrene insulation on topof the roofing membrane are the second type. The dense extruded polystyrene is capable of bearing Bison pedestal weights. Before the ballast rock is installed, deck system pedestals can be installed directly on the insulation. Varying densities and thicknesses of extruded polystyrene are commonly used, and substantial ballasting is required.Bison pedestals can be installed directly on top of gravel removed 40 psi, or greater, extruded closed cell polystyrene insulation with 1.5” thickness or greater.

Decks on Grade: Any substrate soil that is to receive pedestals shall be adequately compacted and have positive drainage slope. A “walkway gravel” base (i.e.: 1⁄4” Minus (breeze) should be installed and compacted at Bison Deck Support locations. Bison Floating Foundation Bases (FFB) must be used beneath all on-grade Bison Deck Support decks. Level the surface and install directly on grade as a base. A wall or perimeter containment on all open sides is required. Install structural perimeter containment that restrains the entire decking system.

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At Stone Deck Innovations, we only source quality products that are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, like; SilcaGrate, Bison pedestals, Paverdeck, Silca SoilGrid, Tiledeck, Gator Base, Eterno Ivica pedestals, Kronos Porcelain pavers, and Del Conca tiles. Plus, a wide range of accessories to support our quality brands. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we pledge to do what it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.