Stone Deck Innovations offers a variety of Geosynthetic Systems that are a perfect fit for all your stone deck or patio needs. Whether you need a solution for soil separation, confinement, reinforcement or holding your polymeric sand in place, we a have what you need for your project.


SilcaMat is a flat, resilient underlayment that is used between SilcaGrate for porcelain pavers, stone, or pavers. They deaden sound and help reduce movement of pavers or stone while still allowing moisture to drain.

SilcaMat features and benefits:

  • Mold, bacteria, fungi, and water resistant
  • Meets requirements for VOC emissions (IAQ test, ASTM D5116)
  • Qualifies for LEED® points.
  • Made from 94% recycled rubber
  • Roll Dimensions:  4’ wide x 50’ long Thickness: (5/64”) (2mm)
  • Roll Weight: 75 lbs./roll
  • Roll Area: 200 ft.
  • Temperature Stability: -40ºC to +115ºC (~40ºF to +240ºF)

Thrace-LINQ 160EX

Thrace-LINQ 160EX is a nonwoven geotextile fabric manufactured from Polypropylene staple fiber. The fibers are randomly oriented and form a cohesive needle punched fabric with many applications. 160EX has been UV stabilized and is resistant to commonly encountered chemicals, mildew, and insects, found in soil.

Features and benefits:

  • Sold by sq ft or by the roll
  • Roll Dimensions:  4’ wide x 360’
  • Roll Weight: 75 lbs./roll
  • Roll Area: 1440 sq ft.

Thrace-LINQ Green Line

Thrace-LINQ Green Line Ground Cover is a woven fabric, for use in various Horticultural applications. The Green Line is easy-to-install fabric allows air and water permeability, while slowing weed growth and unwanted evaporation.

Gator Woven

The Gator GF5 Woven geotextile forms a stable and durable base providing material separation and reinforcement while preventing the mixing of subgrade materials. The GF5’s high-tensile strength and high load capacity make it extra resistant to tearing, delivering great results when used for soil separation and reinforcement applications.

Gator Non-Woven

Ideal for drainage and filtration Gator Non-Woven GF4.4 Fabric is a non-biodegradable geotextile that delivers outstanding durability along with physical and hydraulic properties. Used for soil separation and drainage, Gator Non-Woven fabric is optimal for retaining walls and paver applications, allowing up to 135 gallons of water flow per square foot per minute.

Joist Tapes

Joist Guard Tapes

When tape is installed over joists, it creates a water resistant barrier that helps prevent joist decomposition and wood rot. Joist barrier tape will also seal around decking screws, fending off water and moisture.

Joist Guard tape provides waterproof protection for joists that prevents rotting of structural timber in decks and balconies. It is a self-adhesive membrane ideal for use on double joists at the perimeter of the structure, and to seal the joist between the wall of the house and the deck.

Joist Guard Tape:

  • Substantially extends the life of decks at a low cost.
  • Pattern-free, black membrane is unnoticeable through the decking.
  • Compatible with the majority of decking materials, such as treated wood and composite materials.



Because of the special blend of high impact styrene used when they’re manufactured, EZ-Shims are able to consistently support up to 8,000* psi.  EZ-Shims are easy to use, waterproof and won’t shrink, warp, split, rot, or attract mold and mildew. And termites hate them! EZ-Shims are quality engineered for consistency and durability.

Molded into sheets of 10, each shim is pre-scored and can be used alone or two or three wide, as needed. Plus, they can be snapped clean with a tap of the hammer. For projects such as carpet transitions and subfloor leveling, the entire sheet can be used.

Discover the benefits of using a load bearing and weatherproof shim for your job, and you’ll understand why professional tradesmen insist on using EZ-Shim. If you want to get the job done right the first time using strong, durable products, EZ-Shim is for you.

Paver Spacers


The recently developed SilcaSpacers are designed to perfectly fit with various stone, porcelain and pavers of all types, and SilcaGrate. When installed with adhesive help to prevent rocking of pavers, SilcaSpacers rigid structure ensures a good polymeric sand joint with even spacing.

You can use the SilcaSpacers in tandem with SilcaGrate, Paverdeck, Paverdeck Planks and all brands of porcelain pavers to create a reliable and durable sub-flooring system that supports the deck of your dreams.

SilcaSpacers come in three different variations; flexible, black rigid and clear rigid.

Gator Spacer

The Gator Spacer makes it easy to install porcelain tile directly on top of the Gator Base, SilcaGrate or Paverdeck products. Providing correct support, load transfer and a monolithic surface that binds all units together, the Gator Spacer ensures maximum grip to the tile while providing unrivalled stability and uniform spacing. Available in joint sizes of 1/8’’, 3/16’’ and 1/4’’.


Gator Edge

Providing stability as well as strong lateral support, the Gator Edge is the fully customizable solution to run along the perimeter of your finished porcelain tile installation. Available in 8-foot lengths, as well as straight and curved versions for a variety of applications, Gator Edge is quick to install and easy to use with sections locking together with the Twist & Lock connection system. Choose the Mini Edge 5/8” or opt for the Mini Pro Edge 1” for even greater strength.

Construction Adhesive

Gator Block Bond

Ensuring the structural integrity of the system, Gator Block Bond is used to bind the Gator Spacer to the porcelain tile, providing mechanical binding while minimizing any lateral movement due to natural elements.

Corrosion Protection

Paverdeck Anode Pucks

Under typical conditions, steel decking material has sufficient corrosion protection for 60 years before any maintenance is required. However, you can increase the corrosion protection by adding a separate anode puck bolted to the steel joist.

The Anode’s steel is coated with zinc which provides galvanized corrosion protection. This is an ideal type of corrosion protection, where the zinc coating will sacrificially corrode before the steel does.

The anode puck also provides cathodic protection to the underlying steel, and can be replaced occasionally over time to maintain the integrity of the structure for longer.


At Stone Deck Innovations, we only source quality products that are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, like; SilcaGrate, Paverdeck, Paverdeck Plank, Bison pedestals, Eterno Ivica and Uptec pedestals, Silca SoilGrid, Gator Base, Kronos porcelain pavers, and Del Conca tiles. Plus, a wide range of accessories to support our quality brands. Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we pledge to do what it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied with our products and services.