From tight spaces to their long lists of rules, condo living can take some getting used to. One welcome reprieve from the hustle & bustle of city living is a condo balcony. Your own private outdoor space gives you an area to relax and enjoy the fresh air. 

Unfortunately, condo balconies are the one area developers don’t usually upgrade, leaving owners with a gorgeous new condo but a spartan, concrete condo balcony.

We have condo balcony solutions that conform to condo code!

First, the rules. Any condo owner knows there are dozens of rules about what you can and cannot do with your condo, especially the structure. In general, one cannot usually attach anything to the outer structure of a condo. That means no hanging planters and no major upgrades to your balcony. There are also rules & concerns about the height of any surface material added to your condo balcony and the risk of things blowing off it.

Despite all these rules and safety issues, we have a proven solution that is exceptionally popular among condo owners. That solution is a pedestal system.

Because pedestals merely rest on top of the concrete balcony floor, they are not attached, which means they are suitable for condo balconies. Alternatives to a pedestal system require the use of grout and or adhesives, which will violate most condo regulations. Pedestals come in a variety of heights and are adjustable, making them the perfect solution for upgrading your condo balcony. 

Porcelain pavers work well with a pedestal system. Their weight holds them in place, preventing them from shifting or blowing away in the wind, something lighter materials cannot match. They’re the ideal solution for condo balconies because they meet restrictions that state that exterior condo flooring cannot be fixed to a surface and must not exceed height codes for safety.

Resurfacing your condo balcony has become incredibly popular over the last few years. The growing use of pedestal systems is making this possible and a way to conform to condo rules at the same time. People are using pedestal systems to resurface their condo balconies or to repurpose them. Pedestals can support beautiful porcelain pavers or modular wood tiles that can also be used as pet pads or balcony gardens. Should your balcony ever need its floor repaired or cleaned, the tiles can simply be lifted and replaced afterwards. 

Finally, outdoor porcelain pavers installed with a pedestal system are truly maintenance-free. No sealing, scrubbing or painting is required. Exceptionally durable, porcelain pavers do not stain or fade and just need a quick wash to restore their lustre. 

Some buildings require advance approval from a condo board or other controlling authority, so look into this before getting started. Our low-profile pedestal systems and porcelain paver options are designed to comply with condo standards and meet safety standards. In short, condo balcony tiles are the perfect way to transform your outdoor living space, increase your enjoyment of it, and raise your condo’s resale value.

Enjoy the luxury of an upscale outdoor living space, even when living in a condo, without breaking condo rules. Our wide selection of outdoor tiles makes designing a beautiful condo balcony that matches your unique style easy.