As we say goodbye to one year of backyard life and hello to another, many of us are beginning to look forward to spring with fresh plans in mind. Whether you intend on merely reshuffling a few items or completing a major outdoor design makeover, being mindful of current trends is important for getting maximum returns. Keep reading for insight into key backyard design trends that are sure to provide an all-season escape from everyday life and improve your home’s resale value.

When it comes to style, 2023’s top trend for yards is all about the great outdoors, with sustainable gardening on the rise. The go-to palette will focus on organic neutrals to form an inviting ambience that gives one the comfort of tranquillity. To offer some inspiration for outside living, here’s what’s hot in this upcoming year!

Backyard Cutting Gardens

Ready to spruce up your home with beautiful cut flowers in 2023? Give yourself a green thumb challenge and try growing a cutting garden. Not much outdoor space? Not to worry – even a balcony is enough! Growing flowers from seed is incredibly cost-effective, too. Get started by sowing some cosmos – pollinators adore them, and they thrive in all types of soil conditions. And, as an added bonus, their blooms are perfect for indoor bouquets!

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Get creative with your outdoor living space this year by incorporating trendsetting outdoor porcelain tiles. A dynamic patterned design on your patio, deck or firepit will instantly elevate any outdoor area and bring a touch of contemporary style to it. Choose from many colours, shapes and textures for an eye-catching transformation, but remember to keep trending earth tones in mind.

Sustainable Building Materials

The concept of sustainable living has become an absolute necessity. In 2023, we will be increasingly aware of how essential it is to prioritize the environment and make more thoughtful decisions. This year, it’s time to think about how our choices impact the planet – from low-maintenance, eco-friendly plants and building materials to other construction solutions. Investing in building materials that will last a lifetime, such as porcelain pavers with a pedestal system, eliminates the need for periodic replacement. Moreover, these materials do not require hazardous chemicals or adhesives for assembly, nor do they necessitate sanding or staining down the line as traditional pressure-treated lumber does.

Terracotta is Trending

In Garden Media Group’s 2023 Garden Trends Report, terracotta has been highlighted as the key colour for this year. The simplest way to make your garden design adhere to the trend is by using outdoor porcelain tiles. Create a space that includes both terracotta tones and interesting patterns to get an on-trend look.

Water Conservation

In this day and age, where water conservation is becoming increasingly essential, drought-friendly gardens offer a superb solution for coping with the summer heat. Plants such as sage and rosemary are perfect candidates – their grey-green leaves act to repel the sun’s intense rays while also allowing them to survive without an abundance of moisture. If you really want to up your eco-game, consider incorporating a rainwater collection system into your setup; not only will this reduce strain on municipal systems, but it can also help you save a few dollars!

Backyard Water Features

Rejuvenate yourself in 2023 by turning your backyard into a haven of peace and quiet. Add a tranquil water feature, select calming colours, and embrace nature – create an oasis of contentment where you can retreat from the chaos of daily life. A well-being garden is an excellent way to nurture mindfulness and promote emotional well-being.

The focus of 2023 is on connecting with nature, maintaining ecological balance and improving mental health. For information regarding outdoor construction materials that are both stylish and kinder to the environment, contact, Canada’s deck life experts.